Happy to see you found my site - nice to meet you! I am Taikatuuli Elorinne, a photographer, teacher and an author who gets inspired by beauty and precious moments. I love natural light, urban landscapes, life stories, living in the moment and noticing beauty around me. Relocating near Paris with my family sparked the idea for my book Paris - Dreamy Tips for the City of Love - a love story with the enchanting city. The book is for dreaming of Paris, admiring the aesthetics of the wonderful city, getting inspired for a trip there and a bunch of lovely curated tips. This book fits perfectly to decor and slow reading moments with coffee and croissant, but it’s also easy to take with you while visiting the City of Love.

In my lifestyle photography I value touching details, beautiful compositions, movement, aesthetics, emotions and life as it is. What fascinates me in urban environments is the idea that for hundreds of years people have been walking on the same polished cobblestones and looking at the same building facades. They have partly had the same reasons for happiness and concerns as we do today, but at the same time life has been very different. Something so permanent, yet completely distinct. I love taking long walks with my camera, keeping my heart and eyes open, stopping and catching glimpses of moments that others may not pay attention to. 

Because the opposites complement each other, in addition to the hustle and bustle of metropolises, I immensely enjoy sunsets by the sea, sinking my toes into the soft sand and listening to the steady lapping of the waves. The most wonderful thing for me is spending time with my family. I also enjoy walks in nature, pilates, reading in the corner of the sofa, cooking, listening to podcasts and music, having extempore dinners with friends.

If I was a…
season, I would be summer.
city, I would be Paris.
song, I would be someone from the soundtrack of a touching movie.
drink, I would be a rose soda.
a sound in nature, I would be the crashing of the waves.
movie, I would be Butterfly Effect.
food, I would be a comforting pasta.
coffee, I would be a cappuccino.
color, I would be beige.

Hope you enjoy my site - maybe we'll meet on a lifestyle photo shoot in the future. In the meanwhile, you can order my inspiring book Paris – Dreamy tips for the City of Love or take a look at my small art boutique which I will be opening soon. I'm also happy to help with the visuals of your brand. Drop me a message and let's see what we can come up with.

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